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How to become a plumber

Do you want to be a plumber? Now here’s your chance to be certified and qualified in the plumbing business.

  1. The decision making on having a career in this business is important. You have got to be ready to answer some important to yourself such as, is this really something that you see yourself doing long-term? Is it going to affect your life and work balance in general? Do you think it will improve your income? Do you prefer being the boss or do you prefer working for someone? Questions like these are crucial before jumping into training to become a qualified plumber. One of the advantages of this job is not everybody is taking this job so this simply means that the opportunity for employment is high in demand. You don’t need to worry about the pay because this job pays a lot that it is considered to be among of the highest paid type of work these days.
  2. Next is you are highly encouraged to choose the kind of training that will work for you. If you really want to take this job seriously, then being an apprentice will be such a great idea. This means you’ll be training with an experienced plumber who will teach you everything that you’ll need to know about the subjects on City and Guilds 6129 and NVQ lever 2 which are the standard prerequisites of this job. On the other hand, if you want to be employed immediately, attending some formal training course is the best thing to do because you’ll be taught all the standards of this job that you ought to know.It’s not necessary that you go take a full-time course in learning the ins and outs of this job, a part-time course will fit you especially if you are still working on some other things on the side. You be asked for any requirements to start with your training. Just prepare yourself on the job that you’re about to take and be determined that you’re going to be successful doing it. These courses will help you pass the City and Guilds 6129 standards.
  3. As soon as you have finished taking the C&G 6129 technical training course you are now ready to professionally work as plumber. You can either work for an employer or be your own boss as you start a business under your own management. You will be able to apply everything that you have learned during the course as you venture into this new career.
  4. Finishing the NVQ Level 2 is what you will need to become a fully qualified plumber. This can be attained after your assessment that will be headed by an NVQ assessor who will observe you while you’re working. Your work will be reviewed until you have come up with a good portfolio for their reference. If the result of your assessment is good then you will be awarded with the NVQ Level 2. Note that your C&G 6129 plumbing course will help you be guided on taking this assessment and that’s why it’s a prerequisite.

After following these steps, you can now guarantee that you are officially a qualified plumber for the job!

If you’re thinking of expanding your knowledge in the business, have Part P Certificate that you can get from building regulations proving that you’ll be able to handle a job that will include working with electricity.

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